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Buying / Selling a Property

Do I need a broker to buy or sell a property?

We recommend the use of a Brokerage to assist you during the process. Brokers and real estate advisors are experts in their market area, have the connections to can get the deal across the finish line, specialize in reviewing leasing terms and ask the right questions to ensure your investments is nurtured from start to finish. The use of a Brokerage is not, however, required.

What information is provided by a Livingston Properties Advisor?

Livingston Properties will work with building owners to gather data necessary to generate a comprehensive pro forma for our clients. This proforma outlines the first 5-years of ownership in relation to the IROR, COC Value, Vacancy Loss/Projections, Operating Capital & Expenses, Acquisition Costs, Lease Projections, Cap Rate and more. Everything you need to make a smart investment will be at your fingertips.

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