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Property Management

Who do I call in case of an emergency?
  • If there is a life-threatening emergency that presents an immediate danger to people or the property – call 9-1-1 immediately. This includes fire or heavy flooding.
  • If you have a non-life-threatening emergency that still requires immediate attention within 1-hour – call the Livingston Properties’ maintenance line. Once you have reported the problem, immediately proceed with submitting a formal maintenance request online.
What time of day is the maintenance team available?

24/7. Our team is on-call 24/7 to assist our tenants. We ask that after-hours requests are saved for emergencies only, but our team will handle the challenge swiftly. Our team’s regular business hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

How do I submit a work order?
  • Livingston Properties also has a comprehensive, step-by-step guide on how to submit a work order and track the progress of the solution.
How do I know what vendors I am allowed to use for various repairs or maintenance?

Livingston Properties has a proprietary guide for our clients to reference. This information includes a list of all preferred vendors (multiple options for each) who have liability and worker’s compensation insurance at adequate levels, their contact information, and notes on what our company calls each vendor for, specifically. This guide connects our clients to vendors that we trust and have long-term relationships with, making it easier to schedule and find quality service.

How do I know what maintenance tasks I am responsible for versus the Landlord?

Livingston Properties has a proprietary chart for our clients to reference. This information includes a detailed list of what tasks fall under the landlord’s responsibility versus tenant’s responsibility – and include notes for how to address each item.

What makes Livingston Properties maintenance department stand out from other companies?

We look at everything. Every bid is analyzed to ensure the suggested work is necessary, cost-effective and fits within budget. Then, the invoice goes through a three-part approval process before it is paid.

Livingston Properties has an easy-to-use online work order system where a tenant can login to submit requests, upload photos and track the progress of their requests. The request is immediately sent via email to our maintenance team and they can track it in our Livingston Properties maintenance app on their phones. Our team aims to complete the work order within three-business days, stays in contact with tenants to keep them informed and follows up after completion.

Every work order is reviewed and approved during several checkpoints to ensure successful completion.

What are the main “Preventative Maintenance” tasks I should ensure are completed during my lease term?

The lease agreement should outline what tasks are required of the tenant to upkeep, and this depends on the type of lease agreement that is signed, but a general list may include: elevator service and preventative maintenance agreement (quarterly or semi-annual), HVAC preventative maintenance agreement (quarterly or semi-annual), regular HVAC filter changes (every 3-6 months), regular pest control services, and regular cleaning services (to include ceilings and duct work). It is important to keep records of all services performed, as the Landlord typically requires receipt of this throughout the lease term.

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