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A *Fresh* Perspective on Real Estate

Livingston Properties is a full-service real estate brokerage specializing in the acquisition, management and disposition of real estate assets.

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Welcome to Film Row

Why we think you should consider an office space in downtown OKC.

Film Row is a thriving and modern area to the west of Downtown Oklahoma City, that get’s it’s name from its early roots in film in the 1930’s. A variety of businesses and restaurants call it home including Joey’s Pizzeria, The Jone’s Assembly and the 21c Museum Hotel. It’s an easy walk to many places in the downtown area.

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A different Kind of *Property Management*

Our team of accountants, maintenance engineers, real estate advisors and property managers employ a holistic approach to ensure the property’s highest value and performance are realized. Using innovative, tested and proprietary processes, Livingston Properties remains consistent and efficient for our clients.

How We Manage Properties
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