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About the Livingston Properties Team

Our core values.


We stay curious to discover solutions, enhance our skillset, and remain proactive.


We empower clients to remain informed on every aspect, preparing them to make life-changing decisions.


We live by our processes, which produce efficiency, profit and prosperity.


We build win-win relationships.

Where we began.

“We saw the opportunity to upgrade the experience our tenants were having, provide greater financial profit for our property owners, and use process to create consistency and success at every level…basically, we saw a clear way to do things differently.”

Gina Foxhoven and Chip Fudge have been working together since 2013. Gina started as an Executive Assistant, while Chip was Chairman of Claims Management Resources. Chip has a significant commercial real estate portfolio in downtown Oklahoma City, Edmond and out-of-state.

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A different kind of *Property Management*

Livingston Properties provides a fresh perspective on property management. Using innovative processes, we provide comprehensive services to our clients and tenants. With Livingston Properties, you’re covered from all angles.

How We Manage Properties

Managing Partners

Meet the Livingston Property Team

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