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Where we began

“We saw the opportunity to upgrade the experience our tenants were having, provide greater financial profit for our property owners, and use process to create consistency and success at every level…basically, we saw a clear way to do things differently.”

Gina Foxhoven and Chip Fudge have been working together since 2013. Gina started as an Executive Assistant, while Chip was Chairman of Claims Management Resources. Chip has a significant commercial real estate portfolio in downtown Oklahoma City, Edmond and out-of-state.

Gina helped oversee the Fudge family real estate portfolio (which included coordinating all maintenance for 30+ properties and some leasing) and a couple years later, they decided to hire a property management company to take the reins. Gina remained heavily involved in tenant relations, accounting, leasing and general operations during this time – and started to notice where improvements could be made for the client and tenant experience. Also during this time, tenants and maintenance technicians seemed to come directly to Gina for solutions, and she began implementing new processes to create efficiency in the system. This same cycle happened within several areas of the property management sector, providing the opportunity to learn the industry from the ground up and generate fresh, proven processes.

Both Chip and Gina quickly noticed the path forward was clear – they wanted to start a property management company and full-service brokerage to be able to implement these ideas and put this fresh perspective into action. With that, the idea of Livingston Properties was born.

Operations officially began on July 1, 2018 and started with around 30 properties. From software implementation to moving into a new office in 2020 to accommodate their growth, Livingston Properties has stayed true to their mission, kept vacancy rates at record lows, decreased expenses by an average of 21% per property, and created a proprietary Field Guide over 450 pages in length to outline every process within their business. Gina is now the Managing Partner & Broker and handles all leasing, sales and acquisitions, in addition to overseeing property management operations and employees. Chip Fudge is the Finance Manager and continues to provide key insight on operations, growth and strategic planning – as well as sharing wisdom after creating several successful businesses during his career.

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